Order parrot food online

Fruit and vegetables are part of the parrot's main diet, along with a good mix of different seeds, grains and nuts. The Leimüller parrot muesli with dried fruit is a very popular food for parrots and a balanced basic food mixture. Our seed food for parrots can also be fed as a snack to the normal parrot food. During the breeding season, parrots also need eggfood that contains protein, vitamins, minerals and all the essential amino and fatty acids.

Feed parrots properly

Every parrot needs a varied diet, with the bulk of the diet consisting primarily of fruits and vegetables. Our feed mixtures for parrots are varied and individually put together. So there is the right bird food for every bird. Since the birds in nature have to search for their food with difficulty, they are busy all day long. To avoid boredom, simply hang the fruit and vegetables on a fruit skewer. So the parrot is playfully busy with the food intake.