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Effective gadfly & mosquito trap, mosquito spray and mosquito plug at Agrarzone

Especially in summer, stinging insects such as gadflys, gnats and mosquitoes can quickly become a nuisance in the house, on the balcony, on vacation or even in agriculture. Whether mosquito plug, mosquito spray or mosquito trap, at Agrarzone you will find a variety of effective products for mosquito control and gnats destruction!

Overview of mosquito repellent & mosquito trap:

  1. Gadfly Trap & Mosquito Trap
  2. Mosquito spray
  3. Mosquito plug

1. Gadfly Trap & Mosquito Trap Overview:

  • Reduces up to 95% of the mosquitoes in the immediate vicinity
  • Easy to set up and hang on trees or with a wall bracket
  • Absolutely non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Mosquito traps (also gadfly traps) serve as a highly effective mosquito repellent in the garden, when camping or in agriculture. On the riding meadow and in riding tournaments, the traps are used as horsefly traps and are highly effective in gadfly destruction. With our mosquito traps, the ball warms up and simulates a target for sucking blood for the gadfly. After the unsuccessful attempt to take blood, the insect lifts off and recognizes the catch container of the mosquito trap as the only supposed way out.

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2. Mosquito spray Overview:

  • For use in humans, on farm animals or in the home, agriculture & trade
  • Universally applicable against all flying and crawling insects
  • Highly effective & immediate effect

Itchy mosquito bites and scratched-up bloody sores are a thing of the past with mosquito spray! To be able to enjoy the warm hours of the sun and protect humans and animals, vermin sprays provide immediate remedies and offer protection against stinging vermin. Mosquito sprays can be used universally and are therefore effective against other flying and crawling vermin such as flies, gnats, wasps, moths, mites, snails and ants.

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3. Mosquito plug Overview:

  • Indoor use as a mosquito plug using a plate or liquid concentrate or
  • outdoor for spraying trees, window sills etc.
  • Effective immediately & safe to use
  • Odorless & long-lasting effect

Mosquito plugs provide reliable, long-lasting & odorless protection from gnats & mosquitoes and ensure quiet, gnats-free nights. At Agrarzone you will find a large selection of professional and effective products for effective gnat destruction and gnat prevention for all fields of application.

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