Minipigs as pets

Mini pigs, which are also called micro pigs or teacup pigs, are short-lived domestic pigs that were originally bred specifically for experimental or hobby use. The intelligent small and very cuddly mini pigs are often kept in the house and compared with traditional pets. But this is not the case! Because these special pets have special needs and so future owners should check themselves if they are a suitable pig holder.

Of course, these little micro pigs with their little tiny little paces and the quiet "Oink, Oink" are incredibly cute, especially when they nibble clumsily at the carrot and look at one with their button eyes. But before you get a mini pig, you should be aware of a few things. In our guide we answer the most important questions about the mini pig husbandry and from this information, you can also find out if you are suitable as a future pig owner!

Answers to the following questions are clarified here:

  1. How should mini-pigs be kept?
  2. Are mini-pigs suitable for the apartment?
  3. How big is a mini pig?
  4. What can minipigs eat?
  5. Which food is there?
  6. How much can you feed?
  7. How do I take care of my pig?

1. Appropriate husbandry: sophisticated pet mini pig

Mini pig breeders like to describe pig keeping often like cat or dog husbandry. The small pigs have the same needs as domestic pigs and are therefore not equated with dogs or cats. For an husbandry of the micro pigs to succeed, they need a lot of space, an outdoor enclosure and a strict education. Of course, minipigs also have many advantages, such as the fact that they do not lose hair or leave less odor than dogs and cats in the house and go just as good on the litter box. Although minipigs are clean animals that can be taught good manners, they should not be kept exclusively in the home. In truth, and this experience will sooner or later make any pig owner, it does not go without a stable and a field for rooting.

Mini pigs are herd animals!

Pigs live in sounders. This means that the animals absolutely need conspecifics. Neither humans nor other animals (such as cats) can nearly replace a pig crony. Mini pigs should not be kept alone! A miniscule kept individually will sooner or later suffer from boredom and show aggressive behavior or come up with some things that the human is guaranteed not to like.

2. Minipigs for the apartement?

A pure housing attitude is excluded in a species-appropriate mini-pig attitude! Pigs need exercise and exercise outdoors. If you keep the animals exclusively in the house, it can lead to health problems. It is absolutely necessary to offer the mini pig the daily opportunity to be outside. There, the pig was allowed to dig, graze and wallow to his heart's content. An outdoor enclosure with a stable and a minimum 10 square meters large spout with plenty of shade and separate sleeping, feeding and toilet seats are an optimal condition for a beautiful pig life.

Another problem with pigs in the household is that those animals, despite their small size and attachment to humans, are legally in livestock status and subject to all the rules that apply to agriculture. This includes appropriate regulations for the fencing of the site, feeding, reporting to regulatory institutions and state-mandated culling in the event of an epidemic.

3. Original equipment minipig

  • Transportbox - To transport the small Tea Cup Pig safely home a good transport box is important!
  • Feeding bowl - Depending on the pig's taste, you can offer the food in a bowl
  • Pig food - tasty pig food mixes can be found here. Add some fresh fruit and vegetables and your micro pig is happy!
  • Clicker training with your mini pig can be incredibly fun. The animals are incredibly smart and learn very fast! You can find a suitable clicker in our shop.

4. The size lie

At birth, the little pigs weigh just 300 grams and are the size of a teacup. Hence the name "Teacup pig". Are the mini pigs fully grown - so at the age of two to four years - they are knee-high and can bring up to 100 kilograms on the scales. The word Teacup refers only to their birth size. After about two years, it is hard to imagine that these minipigs were once so tiny. Mini-pigs usually have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. If you want to keep your mini pig in the apartment and have stairs there, you should think twice, as lifting 100 kg up the stairs can be quite a challenge.

5. There are several mini pig breeds. For example:

  • Goettinger mini pig wine
  • Munich miniature pig
  • Vietnamese pot-bellied pig
  • Minnesota Minipig
  • Hanford
  • Yucatan
  • American mini pig
  • and a few more …
  A good comparison of some full-grown "minipigs" is a big, fat Rottweiler with short legs. By feeding you have no effect on the final size of your pig, only on the weight. So you can not control the final size of your minipig, but only the weight of the animal.

6. What do minipigs eat?

We read in the last paragraph that the size of a mini pig can not be "controlled" by the food, but only the weight. Therefore: do not feed too much! An overweight pig not only has a lower quality of life but also a shorter life span.
Although mini-pigs are omnivores, but it is legally prohibited by the epidemic danger to give them meat and kitchen leftovers. Nor should Microschweine sweets or salted foods received. If you want to offer your pet a treat, raisins or dry fruits, as well as dry bread, rusks and fruits and vegetables are particularly good. If you offer your pig vegetables or fruits as additional food, you should make sure that they are always free from mold and rot!

Note: Do not feed fresh bread as this causes bloating and other digestive problems!

7. Which food is available for minipigs?

Some traders recommend horse feed mixtures for the small pigs, but this is more than unsuitable because the mineral supplements contained are geared to the horse. As a recommended food base for minipigs is a mixture of cereals, oats, corn, barley and wheat. Crushed and mixed with water, it is a moist, thick porridge that tastes incredibly good to the animals. In winter you can use warm water for mixing. This porridge can be added to a mineral supplement, which is sold separately for pigs.

Note: Be sure to pay attention to the dosage of the mineral supplement, because it must not be overdosed or underdosed!

In our shop you will find some feed mixes especially for minipigs:

You do not need to add any additives to this mini-pig food since all necessary minerals are already contained. The precisely dosed low proportion of soybean meal ensures that the pig feed forms a complete meal for your Tea Cup. If too much of this raw material were included, it would be a fattening diet, which could promote overweight. Our mini pig feed is available as pellets or floury. The pellets have the advantage that less residues remain in the feed trough. However, and this varies from pig to pig, it can lead to constipation. Therefore, as a pig farmer, you must be careful not to offer enough water. The floury minced pork feed is mixed with water, so that the risk of clogging is lower, the possible residue but higher. The minipigs are very similar to humans and therefore each pig is unique in character and taste. Get to know the pig and you will soon realize which food he / she likes the most.

8. How much do minipigs eat?

You should feed the animal twice a day, dividing the daily ration into 2 meals. Whether you offer the feed now at fixed times or "regularly irregularly" feed is up to you. However, if the mini pig is used to getting its food regularly at 7 o'clock in the morning, you will always have a noisy alarm clock at your side. Often the pigs give the impression that they are always hungry. Mini-pigs tend to be overweight by their insatiable appetite, then put them on a diet, they express their displeasure sometimes very vociferous and can also very angry affect their entire environment and environment, ignoring their complaints.

For pigs, food is not just food, it can also be boredom. Here you can just eat in balls, tons or bottles and let the minipigs play with them. Why not just fill up learning toys for dogs or cats with proper treats? You can also offer hay, straw, vegetables and fruits to the pigs during the day, then you deal with them, which is good against boredom.

There is no exact standard for the amount of feed, because it always depends on the weight and age of the animal and on the composition of the feed and thus on the calories. As a rough guideline, it is assumed that pigs need 1-2% of their body weight per day for food.
A constant access to fresh water is of course a must with good animal husbandry!

How you offer the food to the animals is up to you. Whether you offer the minke pig food in a bowl or in a feeding trough is pure "matter of taste".

9. Care of minipigs

A mini pig is a very clean animal and can be raised so that it is housebroken. You have to get used to doing business either outdoors or indoors. In the house, this is best done with boxes or litter boxes that are filled with bedding or sand. Of course, the regular cleaning of the toilet and the stable is part of the daily care of a keeper of minipigs. If you let the animal sleep in the open, you should offer enough hay or straw. The claw care can be omitted if the minipigs run regularly on a hard surface and thus wring the claws. On hot summer days the minipigs like to take a bath. Optimal would be a sink for the animals, especially since then the annoying bloodsuckers have more difficult.

Tip: As a sink, you can also offer a sandbox, which is kept moist. The sand falls off by itself or it can also be brushed off quickly.

If brushing is not enough and the mini-pig has to be washed, this should be done with warm water and NO personal care or cleaning products. In the summer especially pink pigs should have a shade available, because they are more likely to get a sunburn than black minipigs. Regular visits to the doctor are also an obligation. Rabies vaccinations in rabies-endangered areas and runaways should be carried out regularly, as well as regular deworming and examination and mite infestation.

Mini pigs are still strong roommates!

People who already own minipigs are raving about the fact that they are very clean and highly intelligent. Pigs are said to be even smarter than dogs and also have a higher intelligence quotient. As soon as the mini-pigs are provided with a species-appropriate home and have inquired about the characteristics of these animals, nothing stands in the way of uncomplicated and joyful coexistence.