Buy effective gadfly trap & horsefly trap at Agrarzone

Overview of the gadfly trap:

  • Reduces up to 95% of the gadfly in the immediate vicinity
  • Ideal for agriculture, horse shows, gardening, camping and more!
  • Easy to set up and hang on trees or with a wall bracket
  • Absolutely non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Robust workmanship & modern design

Our gadfly control products:

In order to be able to enjoy the warm hours of sunshine and protect people and animals, a gadfly trap (also called horsefly trap or mosquito trap) provides immediate relief and protection against the biting bugs. At Agrarzone you will find a variety of highly effective mosquito traps for immediate mosquito control.

Mosquito trap:

Suitable accessories:

You should note these 5 points when using the gadfly trap:

  1. Gadflies particularly like to stay in damp places (ponds, ponds, ponds, etc.). Find these locations to estimate a trajectory towards the destination.
  2. Our mosquito traps are set up in flight path. Tends to be closer to where people and animals live (animal stables, gardens, camping, etc.). Depending on the catchment area of the mosquitos, you need several mosquito traps.
  3. Check the catch container weekly (if there is a lot of traffic) to empty it or refill it with soapy water.
  4. Set up the trap in time from the departure of the female gadflies (from April).
  5. Professional tip: In order for mosquito killing to be effective, the floor under and around the trap should be unattractive for the mosquitoes (no flower meadow, as short a lawn as possible or no vegetation).

How the gadfly trap works:

The dark ball in the middle of the trap symbolizes the rear of a horse. Gadflies can only perceive light and dark contrasts similar to a thermal imager. To increase the attractiveness, the protective shield is kept in the contrasting color white to differentiate it from the supposed horse rear.

The black ball heats up in the sun. The gadfly can no longer resist, flies towards the alleged victim and tries to find a suitable bite point. As soon as the gadfly notices that it was wrong, its lack of flight acrobatics is fatal. Since gadflies can only fly upwards, they are guided through the protective screen into the catch container. This reduces the mosquito traps up to 95% of the mosquito volume. Depending on the volume, this can be 200 to 300 gadflies a day.

Why mosquito control is important

Especially in summer, gadflies (also called mosquitoes) can quickly become a nuisance in agriculture, at home, in the apartment, in the garden or even when camping and riding tournaments. Gadflies are not only annoying , they can also pass on serious diseases to humans and animals such as Malaria, yellow fever Zika virus and dengue fever. Also in animal stables such as In the pigsty, cattle stable and horse stable, mosquitoes transmit diseases, can contaminate the feed and lead to reduced performance, especially in tournaments and unrest. The animal stable is well protected all year round with effective gadfly traps and mosquito traps.

Why don't the stinging bloodsuckers leave us alone?

Mosquitoes feel particularly comfortable near water. Holidays on the lake can therefore rarely be enjoyed relaxed and relaxed without a gadfly trap. But why are some people & animals bitten by mosquitoes more than others? The stinging insects are not attracted to - sweet blood - as is often claimed. Rather, the body's own smell attracts the stinging insects. Every person and every animal has its own body odor that cannot be changed or washed off. This also explains why some people & animals are bitten by mosquitoes much more than others. Your body odor is more popular with mosquitoes.

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