Electric fence energiser 9V with battery

  • The ideal devices for smaller fences without vegetation and paddocks
  • Low maintenance due to long-life batteries
  • For horses, cows and poultry (or other small animals)
  • Mobile use and significantly lighter than 12 Volt battery units

A 9V electric fence energiser supplies your electric fence with power and generates regular current pulses. During contact, the animals receive an unpleasant (but at the same time harmless) electric shock.

In contrast to a 230 Volt device with socket connection or a battery powerd 12 Volt-device, the power required here comes from a 9V dry battery.

Depending on the device, this battery lasts for several months and does not need to be recharged continuously.

Important: If the battery is discharged, it cannot be recharged. However, the empty battery can easily be replaced by a new one. For the Battery replacement you have to expect costs of about 20 Euro.

Electric fence complete sets available: On request we will be happy to put together a complete fence package tailored to your specific needs. This package contains the matching electric fence energiser also all necessary accessories like electric fence posts, insulators, conductor material, grounding or connector.

For which animals is a 9V fence energiser suitable?

Especially suitable for:

  • horses
  • cows
  • poultry

9 Volt fencers are suitable for the breeding of horses, cows and poultry in smaller enclosures (up to approx. 5 km fence length).

In these situations a 9V energiser is right for you

  • You have a smaller fence or paddock: For small fences (up to approx. 5 km long) or paddocks, the power of a "weaker" 9 volt energiser is usually sufficient.
  • Your fence is free of vegetation: Because a 9 volt battery fence energiser has less electrical power than a mains energiser or a 12V rechargeable battery unit, your fence must not be continuously covered by grass or snow. A 9 volt electric fence cannot compensate for the voltage drop caused by vegetation.
  • You move your fence regularly or use it at tournaments: A 9 volt battery is compact and very light compared to a rechargeable battery. So if you take your electric fence with you to tournaments or riding tours, a 9V battery energiser is the right choice for you.
  • You need a mobile device, but don't have time to recharge batteries continuously: Depending on the model, a 9 volt fence energiser can cover an entire season with one battery charge. So you don't have to recharge your batteries every 2-4 weeks. This way you have less maintenance.

In these situations a 9 Volt energiser is not suitable for you

  • Your fence is longer than 5 km or heavily overgrown: A 9 volt fence energiser is too weak for heavy overgrown areas or a fence longer than 5 km. The impact strength of your fence is too low in this case and your electric fence is unsafe. Here you need either a 12V rechargeable battery energiser (for mobile use) or a 230V power supply unit (if a socket is available).
  • The fence must fend off wild animals: The impact force of a 9 volt fence is too low and the wild animals are not deterred by the electric shock. In this case you need a 12V battery fence or a 230V mains energiser.

This accessory is useful for 9V electric fence energiser

  • Metal protective box for electric fence: This box protects your electric fence from environmental influences.
  • Electric fence tester: With these control devices you can measure whether the voltage in your pasture fence is sufficient. If you wish, you can have the system send you an SMS if you have any problems.
  • Electric fence battery: If the battery of your pasture fence is completely discharged, it must be replaced by a new one.

Your advantages at the Agrarzone-Shop

Free returns: This applies to all package deliveries that are returned within 30 days. You can also return freight forwarding goods within 30 days. However, the cost of returning the goods by forwarding company have to be paid by the customer.

No risk thanks to 30-day money-back guarantee: If your purchased electric fence is not the right one for you, you can return it to us within 30 days of delivery without giving any reason. We will then refund the full purchase price.

All pasture fencers comply with legal safety standards: High energy pasture fencers are also safe for humans and animals. This is guaranteed by compliance with safety standards.

Only electric fencers from well-known Austrian or German manufacturers: Due to the high quality, there are fewer defects and you therefore have less maintenance. The bottom line is that you save cash over several years.