Electric fence energiser 12V with rechargeable batteries

  • Powerful electric fence energiser 12V with rechargeable battery
  • Also combination DUO-energiser with 230V mains connection or solar module available
  • Für horses, cows, sheep or other "robust" animals
  • Ideal for frequently changing pastures and mobile use

A 12V fence energiser is required to power your electric fence. The power for these electric fence energisers comes from a rechargeable 12 volt battery.

Many 12V electric fencers can also be supplemented with a electric fence solar module. This eliminates the need for manual charging of the batteries and the device is permanently recharged with solar energy.

Complete electric fence packages also available: If you are interested, we can also provide you with a complete package with everything you need for electric fencing accessories such as electric fence posts, insulators, conductor material, grounding, solar module or connector together.

For which animals is a 12V energiser suitable?

Especially suitable for:

  • horses
  • cows
  • sheep
  • goats

The high power output (measured in joules) means that these energisers are mainly used for breeding horses, cows, sheep, goats or other "robust" animals.

However, there are also less powerful 12 Volt pasture fences suitable for pigs, hens or other more sensitive animals.

In these situations a 12V energiser is right for you

  • You do not have access to a power outlet: With a 12V energiser, you do not need a connection for power supply and you can operate your device for up to 4 weeks without charging the batteries.
  • You want to use the electric fence energiser at tournaments or you frequently change your pasture: A 12 Volt fence energiser is very mobile and versatile. In these situations a 230 Volt electric fence energiser with its mandatory socket connection is not suitable for you.
  • You want to charge your electric fence with a solar module in a labour-saving and environmentally friendly way: Many 12 volt energisers can be combined with a solar module. The battery is then continuously recharged by solar energy. This means you have less maintenance work and do not have to charge the batteries yourself.
  • You need "robust" animals and a powerful, mobile device: If you are hiding horses, cows or sheep and frequently change pastures, you need a mobile pasture fence with high power. In this case, buy a 9 Volt battery energiser is too weak and you absolutely need the high output of a 12 Volt battery energiser.

In these situations a 12 Volt energiser is not suitable for you

  • You can't recharge or replace the batteries every 2-4 weeks: If you can't keep your fence open all the time, a 12 volt electric fence is not the right choice for you. If you have a socket connection in the vicinity of the fence, in this case a 230 Volt fence energiser with mains connection would be the better choice. Alternatively, you can supplement your 12 volt electric fence with a solar module. In this way the batteries are continuously charged with solar energy.
  • You "only" need a heavier device for paddocks or smaller rooms: In this case the high output power of the 12 Volt battery is probably not necessary at all. A heavier 9 Volt battery device is mostly sufficient for these shorter dogs.

This accessory is useful for electric fence energiser with 12V

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